COPAS Publication Categories

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 22:42

COPAS Publication Categories

COPAS develops and publishes numerous publications, such as Model Forms, Model Form Interpretations, Accounting Guidelines and Training & Reference materials and programs.


What are the publications used for?


Many of these documents have become contractual parts of operating agreements and other contracts; in fact, COPAS’ model form accounting procedures are the predominant accounting exhibit included in operating agreements across the country. Other publications contain recommended guidelines and procedures that allow efficient, effective, and proper accounting and are so useful that many of them are also included in operating agreements and other contracts.  Still, others give users recommended processes and guidelines to perform various oil and gas accounting related functions.


Prior to 2007, most of these publications were called “Bulletins” or “Interpretations,” but all have been re-designated using the new naming structure which more accurately reflects the use of each document.


Who approves the documents?


Model Forms, Model Form Modifications, Model Form Interpretations, and Accounting Guidelines are approved by the COPAS Council.  Such documents are intended to represent a broad consensus of COPAS membership. Other COPAS documents are approved by the Board of Directors and are equally important and useful to the industry. These training and reference documents provide education and guidance to the industry for specific job performance in accounting, reporting, and auditing matters.


COPAS publication, TR39, Publications Catalog, describes all the available publications and their usage.

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