Petroleum Accountants Society - ARK-LA-TEX

Society:  Ark-La-Tex
Primary Contact Name:  Kathy Malone
Contact E-mail:
Telephone:  318-222-2720
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PAS ArkLaTex


Ark La Tex is holding a CEE Principles of Revenue Accounting education day in Shreveport on October 24th, 2018 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For details of the course and to obtain the registration form download this brochure



Society Address

P.O. Box 1514, Shreveport, Louisiana 71165,  United States

Board Members

  • Vicki Cromer
  • Kathy Malone
  • Karen Tiemann
  • Susan Watts
  • Flo Sala
  • Keri Colvin
  • Jason Warren
  • Aimee Carpenter

2018 Officers

President - Kristin Laux, O'Brien Energy Company
Vice-President - Riley Willingham, Maven Royalty
Treasurer - Keri Colvin, Phillips, Inc.
Secretary - Karen Tiemann, Ark-la-tex Energy LLC


Membership Committee:
Kathy Malone, Caddo Management Inc

Special Projects:
Joseph Sepulvado, Nelson Energy

Joint Interest/Audit/Revenue/Small Oil & Gas Committee:
Kristin Laux, O'Brien Energy Co
Aimee Carpenter, O'Brien Energy Co

Membership Application Form 2012-13