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Affiliated Associations

American Association of Professional Landmen
American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)
American Petroleum Institute (API)Desk and Derrick
Energy Advocates
GeoCare Benefits Group Insurance Program
High Tech Forms - Digital COPAS Accounting Procedures
Independent Petroleum Assoc. of America
Independent Petroleum Assoc. of Mountain States (IPAMS)
Institute of Petroleum Accounting (IPA)
National Association of Division Order Analysts
National Association of Royalty Owners
OCS Advisory Board
Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) Comm.
Professional Development Institute Oil & Gas Accounting Schools

Federal Government Agencies

Dept. of the Treasury - IRS Tax Info/Forms
Bureau of Ocean Energy Mgt., Reg. & Enforcement General Info/ Federal Register Notices/Rules
U.S. Congress (House) U.S. Senate Legislative Updates
U.S. Congress (Senate) U.S. Senate Legislative Updates
U.S. Dept. of Labor -
Bureau of Labor Stats
Labor Stats Updates
U.S. Dept. of the Interior - Bureau of Land Mngmnt General Info/ Rules

State Government Agencies

AL State Government
AL State Legislature
AL Tax/Revenue Dept.
AL Oil and Gas Board
AK Dept. of Natural Resources
AK State Government
AK State Legislature
AK Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
AK Department of Revenue
AR State Government
AR State Legislature
AR Dept. of Revenue
AR Oil and Gas Commission
CA State Government
CA Conservation Commission
CA State Legislature
CO CO Oil & Gas Conservation Comm.
CO State Government
CO State Land Board
CO State Legislature
CO Tax/Revenue Dept.
CO CO Petroleum Assoc
CO Dept. of Natural Resources
FL State Government
FL State Legislature
FL Tax/Revenue Dept.
FL Dept. of Environmental Protection
KS Corporation Comm.
KS State Government
KS State Legislature
KS Tax/Revenue Dept.
LA Dept. of Natural Resources
LA State Government
LA State Legislature
LA Tax/Revenue Dept.
MI State Government
MI State Legislature
MI Dept. of Treasury
MI Dept. of Environmental Quality,4561,7-135-3311_4111_4231---,00.html
MS State Government
MS State Oil & Gas Board
MS Tax Commission
MS State Legislature
MT Montana Department of Revenue
MT Montana Petroleum Association
MT Montana Department of Natural Resources
MT State Government
MT State Legislature
NM NM Oil & Gas Assoc.
NM NM State Land Office
NM Oil Conservation Div.
NM State Government
NM State Legislature
NM Tax/Revenue Dept.
ND Dept. of Natural Resources
ND State Government
ND State Legislature
ND Dept. of Revenue
ND Industrial Commission
ND State Land Department
OH State Government
OH Dept. of Natural Resources
OH Dept. of Revenue
OH State Legislature
OK Corporation Comm.
OK Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Comm.
OK Oil & Gas Assoc.
OK OK Energy Resources Board
OK State Government
OK State Legislature
OK Commissioners of the Land Office
OK Tax Commission
PA State Legislature
PA State Government
PA Dept. of Environmental Protection
PA Dept. of Revenue
TX The U T System
TX Comptroller
TX General Land Office (GLO)
TX Railroad Commission
TX State Government
TX State Legislature
TX TX Independent Producers
& Royalty Owners Assoc.
UT State Government
UT Tax Commission
UT UT Petroleum Assoc.
UT Div. of Oil, Gas, & Mining
UT State Legislature
WY Dept. of Revenue
WY Office of State Lands & Investments
WY Oil & Gas Conservation Comm.
WY State Government
WY State Legislature
WV Dept. of Revenue
WV Dept. of Environmental Protection
WV State Legislature
WV State Government